10 Best Heel Grips for Shoes Too Big

The best heel grips for shoes too big can save you hundreds of dollars that you might have already invested in shoes that turn out to be bigger or lose than what you had in mind. Each shoe is unique. They all fit differently, even with the same size. This is why you really need to invest in the best heel grips for too big shoes and this can save you a lot of stress.

Dressing up in the morning can be time consuming if you do not have an adequate supply of handy tools as well as well fitting clothing items. The right grips will be a great add on to any pair of shoes, they will expand your choices in the morning and help you get out of the door for work, party or school much more quickly each time.

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Let’s start with the top pick of the range for the best heel grips for shoes too big. These are the Pedag Stop Grips. These are the best because you can insert them into all kinds of shoes including loafers, heels and mocassins. Furthermore, these are unisex and that can be quite helpful in a house where more than one person lives.

Best Heel Grips for Shoes Too Big 2022

Pedag STOP Suede Leather,  Strong Water-Based, Self-Adhesive, Unisex Check Price on Amazon
Leather Heel Grips Liner Shoe Filler, Prevent Blisters, Thick Check Price on Amazon
SOREL – Women’s Lolla Cut Out Bootie, Leather or Suede Ankle Boots Check Price on Amazon
Pedag Fit Right 4 unisex padded heel grips, 8 strap grips Check Price on Amazon
High Heel Grip for Women/Men Heel Sticker, Filler Heel Liner for Leather Shoes Check Price on Amazon
Envelop Gel Insoles Shoe Inserts, Unisex, Arch Support Check Price on Amazon
Heel Grips, Best Quality High Heel Cushion Silicone Shoe Pads, Anti-Slip Heel Grips Inserts Check Price on Amazon
Heel Grips, COOLWAS High Heel Cushion  Silicone Shoe Pads, Anti-Slip Heel Grips, Pack of 3 Check Price
12 Heel Grips Shoes Too Big Add Extra Height, Insoles, Antislip Protectors Check Price
kuou 2 Pairs Clear Orthotic Gel Heel Height Elevator Shoe Support, Gel Shoe Pads Check Price

Pedag STOP

Pedag Stop is one of the most exquisite options. This shoe grip is made in Germany. It has a Soft Suede Leather Heel Grip. These grips will be strong and long lasting. They have a consistent self adhesive water based tape on them.

The Pedag Stop is able to prevent chafing as well as blisters. These grips can fit any shoe with ease. You can use these with shoes designed for men as well as those for women.

These grips use a water based adhesive so they will not damage the insoles of the shoes you wear these with best walking shoes for supination. There are 10 pairs in a pack. The grip is internally and externally made of ultra-soft suede leather.


These are the perfect heel grips for shoes that are too big, shoes that cause blisters and more.


  • self adhesive water based tape
  • does not irritate your skin
  • Suitable for all shoes and sizes


  • Not recommended for use with open toe shoes

Leather Heel Grips Liner

The Leather Heel Grip Liner is ideal for shoes that are too big. These shoe fillers make sure that you get no blisters or bites on to your feet and ankles. You can wear these with it difficult to wear dress shoes and make them rather easier to wear.

The Leather Heel Grip Liners are one of the best heel grips for shoes too big.  You will get 2 pairs of leather heel grips in the pack. These grips are actually recommended for use with shoes that are actually larger than your actual size.

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You can enjoy these soft leather, padded shoes with just about any shoes. Whether you want to wear these with high heels, canvas shoes, casual shoes among others.


These heel grips for shoes too big can make your big shoes just about right for your actual size.


  • Non Slip Inserts
  • Suitable for Men and Women
  • Strong self-adhesive


  • These are not waterproof

Heel Grips for Women’s Shoes: SOREL – Women’s Lolla Bootie

The Sorel Women’s Lolla Cut Out Booties are ideal for use with leather as well as suede. The grips are ideal for ankle length boots, heels and more.

The Sorel Women’s Lolla Cut Out Booties are basically made in the USA. These booties come with a rubber sole. These can make your painful shoes easier to wear best shoes for pigeon toed child. You can avoid getting blisters, cracks, cuts and painful marks all over your feet with the shoes that are too loose or poor fitting.

The EVA footbed with soft lining and a leather-wrapped heel makes sure that your feet stay in place and you are able to walk with ease.


The Sorel Women’s Lolla Cut Out Booties are one of the best heel grips for too big shoes 2022. These will make sure your feet are not sore by the end of the day.


  • Softly lined with fabric
  • Padded for comfort
  • Easy to wear


  • These might show from some shoes

Pedag Fit Right Kit

Pedag Fit Right comes in one size that is able to fit everyone. The shoe grips are unisex. These are fully padded and help in making heels of your shoes much more comfortable. The shoe grips are neutral in color, they come in tan and black color for you to be able to match them with all kinds of shoes with ease.

The Pedag Fit Grips are high quality and naturally colored. These are made out of leather. Having these in your closet can help you in making sure that you can wear whichever shoes you feel like at any point in time without pain. The shoe grips are made in Germany.


The Pedag Fit Grips are among the best heel grips for too big shoes. You can also wear these to make your shoes very comfortable to wear at a daily basis without fail.


  • One size fits all women’s shoe sizes
  • Soft Grip
  • Unisex grips


  • Not recommended for children’s shoes

High Heel Grip

High Heel Grips are ideal for women and men. These hell stickers are perfect for any and all kinds of shoes. They can be used as shoe fillers for borrowed shoes as well as for rental shoes. The heel grips make your shoe lined for more comfort and greater fitting. The pack contains 6 pieces that are beige and black.

These grips measure from 10.5 x 3.5 x 0.5 cm. The adhesive of the heel grips will not dry or peel off. These heel liners are layered with microfibers that makes it soft and smooth to wear for a long time without feeling irritation or chaffing.

This allows a premium feel that does not irritate you as you go by your day.


The high heel grips are ideal for use everywhere. These grips will not compromise the elasticity of your shoes. They are filled with superelastic foam.


  • They improve the fitting of your shoes
  • Resists oil, sweat and smell
  • These will not get you blisters


  • Not recommended for sneakers.

Envelop Gel Insoles

The Envelop Shoe Gel Insoles are also great heel grips. These are ideal for walking, running and hiking. You can use these for full length performance for men’s, women’s and unisex shoes.

The gel insoles are soft and cooling. These allow you to take care of your feet with cushioned soles.

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You can use these insoles for medical and pain management purposes as well. These are soft and comfortable that makes them one of the best choices for long wearing and everyday shoes.


If you need the best heel grips for shoes too big then you need to invest in these gel insoles. They can add variety to your tool collection.


  • Impact absorbing
  • Unique honeycomb inserts
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Not suitable for children’s shoes

Heel Grip Cushion

If you are in the need for heel grips that are of the best quality and provide you an Anti-Slip Heel Grip then these will be your best bet. The Heel Grip Cushion is medical grade. These insoles will give you pain relief as well as comfort.

The gel in the is thick. You can get a great deal of impact resistance with the cushions. They will Absorb the pain, fatigue and pressure on the feet.

You can also prevent heel chafing, heel spurs and provide heel protection from blisters and calluses. These inserts will allow your shoes to become better at shock absorption and to reduce impact on your Heels.

The gel is super stretchable and allows high levels of impact resistance so you can stay comfortable for a longer period of time.


You can easily wash and reuse thes. The heel grip cushion is BPA free. These facts make the heel grips for shoes that are too big perfect for daily use and consistent performance.


  • Medical grade
  • Protects from impact and fatigue
  • Can be washed and reused


  • These are not suede or cotton options

High Heel Grips for Shoes: COOLWAS High Heel Cushion

The Coolwas High Heel Cushions are ideal silicone pads to keep your feet pain free throughout the summer. These are anti-slip and allow a much more sustained grip as compared to other options.

The Coolwas High Heel Cushions can be worn for an anti-slip performance with any shoes at all. These are ideal liners for women who love to wear heels all day long. The gel liners will not only protect and support your heels but also make sure that your feet are free from pain, blisters, and calluses.


The Coolwas High Heel Cushions are the best heel grips for too big shoes 2022 for women. These are lightweight and reusable. This gives you a lot of value of money.


  • This is a pack of three heel grips
  • can be removed and stick to other pair of shoes
  • Can be washed with warm soapy water


  • Not recommended to dry in the sun
12 Heel Grips Shoes Too Big

The 12 Heel Grips can be a good choice as well. These are able to help you stay away from pain. The shoe grips are layered with strong adhesive and these are anti-slip as well. The pads stay firm on shoes.

The pads are made of smooth feel and contain a moisture wicking action that keeps them dry. If you have sensitive skin then you can make sure that you no longer feel all the pain and problems with these grips. Nike non slip shoes They will not slip away because of a strong adhesive on them.


You can get rid of skin irritation, soreness, blisters and cuts with these. This makes them the best heel grips for shoes too big.


  • Soft and fabric layered
  • Strong adhesive
  • Comes in a pack of 12


  • Can not be washed
kuou 2 Pairs Clear Orthotic Pads

The Kuou grips are made in a way to suit all kinds of shoes and shoe sizes, you will not need to buy these separately for everyone in the house. These come in a pair of 2. You can use the gel in them to raise your height a bit.

The Kuou grip prevents growth of odor causing bacteria. These are washable and odor resistant as well. You can allow impact resistance and fatigues control with these.

These Kuou grips are recommended for wearability with leather shoes, men’s shoes, women’s shoes and more.


The Kuou grip is one of the best heel grips for shoes too big. These are impact resistant and comfortable for daily wearability.


  • Impact resistance
  • Washable
  • Can be rescued with other shoes


  • These are not a suede option

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