10 Best Insoles for Work Boots

Today’s article will set out to find what are the Best insoles for work boots are in the market right now?. This review is going to be based on our top 10 picks of the best products after we have sifted through the best products online and the review will be based on addressing the pros, cons and listing out main features for your convenience.

Top 10 Best insoles for work boots in 2021

Today we are going to be looking into the top 10 best insoles for work boots on Concrete which are available right now as with age, everyone needs a little more comfort because our feet can get tired pretty easily.

Add on the fact that you have some kind of problem in your foot and this can really make your experience terrible.  However, we might just have the solution for your problems in the form of a removable foot sole insert.

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A removable shoe insole which is also called a foot orthosis is actually a very useful device especially for our older users as that extra cushion is just nice especially if you’re on your feet all day.

The best thing about the products we are about to look into is that they are all top and well-known brands that only provide the best care and performance. So without further ado let’s dig into the main article itself.

Wait Don’t Have Time? Check our Recommended Insoles for Work Boot!

However, if you don’t have the time right now to go over this entire review and just cannot take a look at this list at the moment, we recommend that you take a look at Dr. Scholl’s Work Insoles.

Which has both Arch Guard Technology plus Shock Guard Technology that balances out the impact and pressure that your feet bear? This coupled with the fact that these soles help relieve the pain and fatigue means these are the best shoe insoles for the job!

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If you are not convinced yet and want to read more, we suggest that you stick with us for more information so you can make the most informed decision depending on your own specific set of needs. Before we begin do check out our handy comparison chart along the way as this will inform you regarding the main features of each product.

Best Insoles For Work Boots Features Price
Timberland PRO Men’s Anti Fatigue Insole Innovative design Check Price on Amazon
Dr. Scholl’s Work Insoles Responsive Wave Cushioning Check Price on Amazon
Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Shock Guard Technology Check Price on Amazon
Dr. Scholl’s Extra Support Insoles Responsive Wave Cushioning Check Price on Amazon
Easy Feet Plantar Fasciitis Support Insoles Anti-Pronation Biomechanical Reinforcement Technology Check Price on Amazon
Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Built-in silicon material Check Price on Amazon
Keen Utility Men’s K-20 Insole Cushioning and Fitting Check Price on Amazon
Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Premium Eva Material Check Price on Amazon
STASOLE Anti-Fatigue Insoles Arch support Check Price on Amazon
Samurai Insoles Sumos Insoles Biomechanically designed Check Price on Amazon

Best Insoles for Men’s Work Boots: Timberland PRO Men’s Anti Fatigue Insole


  • Contoured insole
  • Anti-Fatigue Technology
  • Innovative design
  • Shock absorbing


  • None really

Timberland PRO Men’s Anti Fatigue Insole is the first product on our list for today and when looking at the best boot insoles for work one needs to look no further than the Timberland brand as their products are both durable and secure as their shoes are waterproof and made of leather.

Talking about some of the main specifications, we have to address the fact that the Timberland PRO comes with its patented Anti-Fatigue Technology which essentially works to absorb all shock and impact which is produced as you go about your day and especially at work where many do some serious heavy lifting.

It works so well because it targets the key zones on the soles of your feet and therefore ensures that the balance is restored.

The design on this product is also extremely innovative as it works to minimize any impact that everyday work conditions may have on your feet and this is achieved via the shock-absorbing cones present on the sole to effectively compress and maximize the overall support and thus reduces the fatigue.

Last but definitely not least, the contoured insole on this product is also an excellent feature for all those individuals who suffer from heel and toe issues such as arthritis or plantar fasciitis as it provides complete support on your pressure points such as your heel which takes a lot of pressure.

Best Arch Support Insoles for Work Boots: Dr. Scholl’s Work Insoles 


  • Absorbs shock
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Responsive Wave Cushioning
  • Extra Massaging Gel
  • Reinforced Construction


  • None really

Next up on our list, we have a brilliant product from Dr. Scholl’s diverse range of food products and we are of course talking about the Dr. Scholl’s Work Insoles which are fitted with massaging gel work-based insoles which give unrivaled comfort to individuals throughout their day especially those who do some serious heavy lifting and need the best insoles for work boots.

They basically work by effectively lessening the effect of pressure on your feet and legs and get rid of any muscle weariness that may have accumulated over the course of the day. This product comes with about 10 percent more massaging gel and this additional gel works on the heel to lessen any weight such as from hard surfaces and provides the best arch support insoles for your work boots.

The responsive wave padding is really the best part about this insole as it is the best insole for work boots based on the advanced kind of comfort it brings. It has multi-layer wave structures that adjust to give you padding and a spring in your step as go about your day.

These insoles give all day solace to assist you with movement especially if you have some problem with your feet.  Even though these insoles are best for work boots, you will be glad to know that they can be sued in just about any kind of shoes from heels to tennis shoes to your favorite sneakers.

These shoes are therefore one of our favorite contenders on this list solely based on the unique and unparalleled shock absorption that they provide users with so you can be more productive.

Best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles for Work Boots: Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support 


  • Arch Guard Technology
  • Shock Guard Technology
  • Deep heel cup
  • Relieves fatigue
  • Designed for all kinds of shoes
  • For all weights and sizes 8 to 14


  • None really

When talking about individuals that have certain problem areas, we recommend Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for Heavy Duty Support which in our opinion are the best work boot insoles for high arches that are equipped with both Shock Guard Technology and Arch Guard Technology.

What this essentially means is that these shoes have been designed to provide that extra support to easily lighten the pressure and stress of each step that you take and to evenly distribute the weight.

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Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for Heavy Duty Support for men has been designed to cater to even the heaviest users as they have a weight capacity of over 200 pounds as those individuals are most likely to be plagued with not only foot and leg issues but also from lower back pain and fatigue.

The Shock Guard and Arch Guard technology work together to balance out the body’s weight and therefore are excellent at reducing any impact.

This package comes with a pair of the orthotic soles and can accommodate men’s sizes 8 to14 easily. There is also the feature of Deep heel cup for increased control over motion and this is especially great for individuals who have problems with their feet. When the feet suffer from plantar fasciitis you have the best plantar fasciitis insoles for work boots for example, there is an issue with maneuvering yourself around easily.

However this insole technology will allow the alleviation of any fatigue and pain built up in the foot or lower back and the best part is that it can easily be placed in any of your shoes whether formal or casual.

Dr. Scholl’s Extra Support Insoles


  • Shock absorption
  • strengthened support
  • Responsive Wave Cushioning
  • Bounce back


  • None really

We are back again with yet another offering from Dr. Scholl’s and this one is called their Extra Support Insoles which guarantee that they will offer you the best protection from the impact of the demands of your work environment as they grant more shock absorption.

Therefore offer strengthened support for people of all ages and foot sizes. This is necessary especially if you suffer from some disease that affects your ability to move and your flexibility.

The soles are designed in a way that helps you reduces any unwanted stress and genuinely decreases any impact that you might be feeling on your joints. This is an especially important thing for older users as diabetes or plantar fasciitis or even arthritis may restrict your movement a lot.

The sole works on what it calls a ripple wave gel system which basically works most on the heel area to keep your foot bouncing back much easier. This system is what the brand calls the Responsive Wave Cushioning which works on the ball and heel area the most to basically provide the best cushioning support to make sure that there is no stress son that area.

Easy Feet Plantar Fasciitis Support Insoles


  • For all ages and sizes
  • Best for plantar fasciitis
  • Anti-Pronation Biomechanical Reinforcement Technology
  • Premium quality
  • Can be used outdoors and indoors
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Adjustable size
  • PU memory foam base


  • Slight pressure initially

When we talk about the best work boot insoles for plantar fasciitis, we automatically mean an all in one remedy for users who suffer from diabetes, bunions, bad posture, and pain in joints, Morton’s neuroma, shin splints and much more.

The Easy Feet mens best insoles for plantar fasciitis work boots are the best product to be put to the test as they come with the coolest arch support based insoles that are recommended by podiatrists and provide such great support to your arch area that there will be no sharp pains or fatigue.

No matter what specific disease you suffer from, what your gender is or your age, this insole has what it takes to make your life better by providing the best and unparalleled support. Not only are they unisex and versatile they are also excellent for any task.

Whether you are an athlete that needs some extra cushioning while you practice or even a housewife who is on her feet all day, simply slip these into your favorite shoes and forget about lower back pain and fatigue.

The one word of caution about this insole is that when you wear it there may persist a slight pressure on your feet for about a week after and while this is normal, it is recommended to limit the usage if it persists.

When you are looking to gain the ultimate Foot Pain Relief, we recommend this product solely because it is equipped with its own Anti-Pronation Biomechanical Reinforcement Technology which is best at providing phenomenal arch support.

These insoles have the ability to use their unique gel-based formula to offer shock-absorbing abilities thanks to the air capsules within which enhance cushioning.

Furthermore, the Deep heel cradle that comes with built-in heel support makes sure that your foot bone stays vertical and therefore has the best balance so that you have complete stability as you go about your day.

Now, the quality is another amazing feature in this product as it is as premium as it gets thanks to the resilient and durable arch support made from TPU and the cushioning layer which is fashioned from a PU memory foam base.

However the icing on top is the fact that these insoles are so versatile that they can even be trimmed to be customized into the size and shape you desire.

When purchasing this product also keep in mind that it is not an investment you will ever regret as the soles are backed with a full-year money-back guarantee if in case your experience is not satisfactory.

Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles


  • Extra cushion layer
  • Premium Eva Material
  • Deep heel cup
  • Especially for Plantar Fasciitis
  • Built-in silicon material


  • None really

The WALK HERO COMFORT AND SUPPORT Insoles are known for their durability and comfort based experience and the product in particular that we are addressing today is called the Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles which are designed for those individuals who need work boots that can rough it out a little.

Users who experience excessive discomfort and fatigue in their feet and legs should definitely opt for this product.

This is partly thanks to the built-in silicone material which offers the strongest shock absorption power that we have seen to effectively reduce any added pressure and relieve the impact of the entire day.

These effective shock-absorbing insoles are really what will make you feel like you have the energy to take on each day one step at a time.

There is also a deep heel cup which basically is there to make sure that the foot positioning is correct and it protects your heel completely especially when you land your foot or even when you are doing something that requires you to tread lightly.

It is made from a premium Eva material which is also great to tackle shock absorption and simultaneously offer pain relief.

Keen Utility Men’s K-20 Insole 


  • Heel Stability
  • Cushioning and Fitting
  • Anti-Odor Technology
  • 90 Day Guarantee


  • None really

The Keen Utility Men’s K-20 Insole is next on our list and it is one of the most versatile products on this list as it offers a wide array of features that make it a top contender for the best boot insoles for work.

Let’s get into the main features now as the best one has to be this sole’s ability to provide superior comfort and support. The Cushioning and Fitting that it provides are super premium and quite thicker than you would expect as it offers some serious shock-absorbing ability which provides complete coverage of the foot from heel to toe and that too without compressing the foot too much.

This, of course, is made possible thanks to the high rebound foam that it is fitted with as it offers you the chance to not give up on the things you love to do so you have complete energy to go about your day without having to worry about pains and aches later on in the day.

Heel Stability is another factor which is super important when looking into the best insoles designed for work boots as the heel cup in this sole perfectly centers and lines up the heel and your foot, which ultimately makes sure that the balance is good.

There is also a medium arch-based support in this product which is there to center align the feet with the natural alignment of the body.

This product also offers Anti-Odor Technology which of course means that your feet can remain fresh and fragrant throughout the day thanks to the patented Clean sport NXT. Which is a probiotic and microbial-based technology that break down any unpleasant odors produced when you sweat thus ensuring that the feet do not smell even after an entire workday.

The brand also offers an exemplary 90 Day return guarantee in case the quality or the performance of their work boot insoles just isn’t up to standard.

Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles


  • Deep Heel Cup
  • Premium Eva Material
  • Lasting Comfort
  • For daily usage


  • None really

When you talk about the comfort that lasts all day long, you might be referring to the superior arch support that the Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles will provide you with. These have the ability to offer the best foot to body alignment which centers the foot in line with your natural body curve so that there is no unnecessary push on the arch.

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It is especially great for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis, bunions, flat feet or Pronation, arthritis, and even loss of mobility that comes from diabetes so you can be sure that this is a versatile device.

It is also made from the most premium materials, which are not only great at offering the much-needed pain relief but also equally ensures that the EVA material keeps your foot cool and thus makes the experience even more comfortable especially in the summer. Finally, thanks to the deep heel cup technology, these insoles have the ability to establish the right kind of positioning of your feet.

STASOLE Anti-Fatigue Insoles 


  • Shock Absorption
  • Dual Density Polyurethane
  • Anti-Fatigue
  • Arch Support


  • None really

The STASOLE Anti-Fatigue Insoles are next up on our list and they are fitted with a dual-density polyurethane that completely covers the area of your foot that lies under the heel and ball areas so you can be sure that you will get guaranteed support and comfort throughout the day.

Thanks to the open-celled polyurethane foam, the Stasole insoles offer the best anti-fatigue experience as it completely supports the curvature of your foot and molds into it so that you feel like you’re walking on air.

This product also offers great customer support especially in case you need a refund or aren’t satisfied with the product that you have received.

Samurai Insoles Sumos Insoles


  • Biomechanically designed
  • Polypropylene orthotic shell
  • Arch support
  • Foot realignment


  • None really

Last up on our list for today, we have the Samurai Orthotic Insoles for flat feet which are biomechanically intended to enhance the mobility and ability of both your feet and legs. They give a feel that makes you feel like they were form-fitted to match your size and also effectively realign the spring in your step.

By fusing a springy polypropylene orthotic shell inside a thickly cushioned case, the Samurai orthotic insole can absorb any shock or impact that is thrown it is way.

The cool thing about samurai insoles is that they offer the best support to ensure that your feet are placed in a comfortable way.

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