10 Best Nike Non Slip Shoes for Restaurants

nike non slip shoes for restaurants
nike non slip shoes for restaurants

Are you looking for the best Nike Non Slip Shoes For Restaurants? We have combined a series of the best Nike nonslip shoes for restaurant men as well as women’s to help everyone find something exciting of their own. All of the selected shoes are ideal for the foodservice industry as well as long day wearing.

If you are in the need for Nike Non-Slip Shoes for Restaurants then we have the most extensive collection of Nike choices curated for you.

It is needless to say that food joints have a slippery floor, they are prone to oily layers on the floor and thick old food stains near the seating tables and the booths. Each of the options below is selected based on merits and pure performance.

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If you are looking to buy something that is most suited for the service industry and you need it to be from Nike then here the best choices along with their in-depth reviews.

Let’s start with the best choice. The Top Pick for the best Nike non slip shoes for restaurants for women is the Nike Women’s Flex Experience Run 8. Whereas the best option for the Nike nonslip shoes for restaurant men’s is the Nike Men’s Flex Control TR3 Sneaker. However, if you would like to find out more before you can make a fully informed choice then let’s delve into the reviews for each and start with a quick comparison.

Comparison Table

Product Features Price
Nike Men’s Odyssey React Running Shoe,  Fashion Sneakers Check Price
Nike Women’s Flex Experience Run 8 Shoe Flexible, running shoes Check Price
Nike Men’s Metcon 2 Men’s active sneakers Check Price
Nike Women’s Air Max Oketo Sneaker Air sneakers Check Price
Nike Men’s Flex Control Tr3 Wide Sneaker Wide feet, flexible shoes Check Price
Nike in-Season TR 9 Womens Running Shoe Running shoes, trainers Check Price
Nike Men’s Competition Running Shoes Mens, running shoes Check Price
Nike Men’s Revolution 4 Running Shoe Running shoes, mens Check Price
NIKE Women’s Tanjun Running Shoes Running shoes, womens Check Price
Nike Men’s Flex Control TR3 Sneaker | Running shoes, trainers Check Price

Nike Non Slip Shoes for Restaurants Men’s: Nike Men’s Odyssey React Running Shoe

Whether your restaurant cleans multiple times a day, within the kitchen the flyers and their steam causes a thick layer of hot oil to settle or condense on the surfaces. This can make working slightly difficult. This is why the Nike Men’s Odyssey React Running shoes can be super fit for the kitchen time.

If you are standing for long periods, then these are the shoes for you. They come with a Nike React cushioning that allows you a smooth, lightweight feel for all-day support. These shoes will also have a Neoprene bootie that gives a sock-like fit.

Nike Men’s Odyssey React Running shoes are also engineered to provide lightweight ventilation throughout the day through your movement. The feet will not feel stuff at any point no matter how hot or humid your kitchen is.

Hands down, these are the best nike non slip shoes for restaurants men’s according to their comfort level and price tag.


  • Breathable vents
  • athlete-informed outsole pattern
  • sock-like fit and cushioning
  • Neoprene layer


One of the best options is the Odessey React Running shoes. These Nike non slip shoes for restaurants are ideal for oily areas. In fact if you need Nike non slip shoes for restaurants, men that do not tire you, then these can be ideal.


  • Comes with padding yet light in weight
  • Suitable for wet floors and oil floors
  • Can be worn all day without sweat


  • Not suitable for electrical hazards

Women’s Nike Non Slip Shoes for Restaurants: Nike Women’s Flex Experience

The Nike Women’s Flex Experience Run shoes are also running shoes by Nike that are usable for the kitchen work. The shoes come with a rubber sole and allow a flex grooves in the outsole that enhances the natural flexibility in your feet.

The Nike Women’s Flex Experience Run shoes come with a rounded heel that also helps in allowing a natural range of movement.

The best thing about the Nike flex experience front 8 women’s running shoe is that it delivers a snug fit paired with a dynamic range of motion. It is equipped with mesh around the heel and there are flex grooves in the outsole that help in making the natural ride adaptable.


  • injected unit sole (IU) midsoles
  • flex grooves outsole
  • Soft toe caps for snug fit and easy movement


You can invest in these shoes for a stiff grip and a lightweight wearability. This helps in making sure that the feet will breathable and stink-free.


  • Keeps feet from stinking
  • Allows active movement
  • Light in weight
  • Many colors available


  • Does not come in a waterproof body

Nike Non Slip Shoes Mens: Nike Men’s Metcon 2

Another super wearable option is the Nike Men’s Metcon 2 a great nike non slip shoes mens. These are made up of a fabric and synthetic combination. These shoes use a mesh construction to ensure breathability and movement. You will not feel stiff or uneasy in the shoes.

The shoes provide the kind of support that you need when standing for long periods of the day. These are loaded with Super-strong Flywire cables.

Nike Men’s Metcon 2 contains a Lightweight Cushioning. What this does is that it rests your feet on a cloud as you walk, work lift, jump, or run. These shoes are suitable for work and running or training.


  • Super-strong Flywire cables
  • Lace-up option
  • Lightweight cushioning
  • Stable platform


Nike Men’s Metcon 2 comes with a stable platform and a lightweight flat body. These make you feel grounded and at rest throughout the day. The should are ideal for cross-training and keep you moving at full speed.


  • Help in promoting balanced movement
  • Comes with laces so you can adjust the fitting
  • Suitable for workouts, training and running as well


  • This does not have a raised heel

Nike Women’s Non Slip Sneakers: Nike Women’s Air Max Oketo Sneaker

Another ideal choice is the Nike Women’s Air Max Oketo. These sneakers are completely imported. They have a synthetic sole. This shoe allows a limited amount of upper decorations for the maximum amount of breathability.

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If you tend to get sweaty a lot then these can be very helpful.  The top of the shoe features a mesh that makes it airy and breathable. The mesh has synthetic overlays to keep it soft and comfy. You can invest in this option for added comfort because it comes with an Air Max 1 midsole and an Air Max 90 heel.

The shoe also has a foam midsole and outsole to ensure that the shoe is light in weight. The added cushioning makes traction through ut the day consistent and easier.

One of the best things about the Nike air max keto is that it can live up to the brand quality. You will get a minimal design aesthetic and extreme comfort from the cushioning of a max Air.


  • Iconic subtle design
  • Air Max 90 heel
  • Air Max 1 midsole
  • Breathable shoes


If you need shoes that do not cause problems throughout the day then these Air Max Oketo can be it. These are among the top Nike anti-slip work shoes that you can find for yourself.


  • Comes with a lightweight body
  • This is not easy to replicate so not many people will have this in the shape of knock offs
  • The shoe comes with laces so you can adjust them


  • This is not a velcro option

Nike Men’s Non Slip Shoes: Nike Men’s Flex Control Tr3 Wide Sneaker

One of the best Nike non slip work shoes mens are the Men’s Flex Control TR3 Wide Sneakers. These are made up of a 100% Leather and Synthetic combination. The shoes are completely Imported. They feature an extraordinarily lightweight rubber sole.

These are the best because the shoes bear in mind the comfort of the people around you and yourself. The shoes do not make squeaky noises. Plus, these are not for people with wide feet.

Men’s Flex Control TR3 Wide Sneakers are abrasion-resistant and thus much more durable than other options. These are very light in weight. People with wider feet will love these. If you do not wear wide feet shoes, then you can use the same ones in a regular fit as well.

The shoes come with a midfoot saddle and an adjustable fit as well as stability. Deep flex grooves provide a traditional movement and help you in staying as active as you need to be throughout the day. The shoe is ideal because even with a wide fit it will give you proper side-to-side stability as well as ankle mobility.


  • Partial bootie and traditional tongue
  • Flexible internal heel counter
  • Deep flex grooves


Men’s Flex Control TR3 Wide Sneakers are one of the best Nike nonslip men’s shoes. If you need Nike nonslip shoes for restaurants and you need them to be in a wide fit then these are the best choice.


  • Come with flexible midsoles for an effective flexibility
  • Allows a smooth grip and movement throughout the day
  • Will not tire you throughout the day


  • These are not purely waterproof

Nike In-Season TR 9 Women’s

The Nike In-Season TR 9 Women’s running shoe is ideal for those who need super lightweight shoes. These allow you to improve your ability to move and work. The shoe has a flat sole for a closer to ground grip.

The shoes can be adjusted with the laces. The laces allow durable and multi-directional traction. There is a proper memory foam and a sock liner that helps in making your feet comfortable and keeping them fresh feeling throughout the day.

The Nike In-Season TR 9  is one of the very few feminine options available as nike anti slip work shoes. This shoe allows fashionable wearability as well. These allow impact absorption and easy movement throughout your entire day.


  • over-the-laces midfoot gore strap
  • multidirectional traction pattern
  • memory foam sock liner
  • Breathable layering


The Nike In-Season TR 9 is one of the most fancy looking and colorful options when it comes to the best Nike Non-Slip Shoes for Restaurants. It allows you to work with stability.


  • Suitable for work and training
  • Can be used as a running shoe as well
  • Comes in a lightweight body
  • Perfect for summer usage


  • Not suitable for waterproof usage

Nike Men’s Running Shoes

The Men’s Nike Odyssey React Running Shoes can be a great addition to your work closet as well because they prove to be the right nike non slip men’s shoes. These are fully cushioned and they enable you to work on the tip of your toes all day long without getting sire legs and feet.

Men’s Nike Odyssey React Running Shoe allows a lightweight body as a smooth ride.  The shoes come with a bootie sock-like fitting. There is a premium mesh upper that can enhance the breathability and the beauty of your feet throughout the day.

This keeps you sweat-free with its mesh vamp that helps in lightweight ventilation. The shoe has a geometric shape and an athlete-informed outsole. This helps in making sure that the impact is managed with ease.

That said, your investment made on these nike non slip shoes mens is going to be worthwhile.


  • Neoprene bootie for a snug fit
  • Breathable top mesh
  • Comes with a fully cushioned inner


Men’s Nike Odyssey React Running Shoe is one of the softest options. This will give you a snug-fitting and a lot of comfort throughout the day.


  • Suitable for slippery areas
  • Suitable for wet areas
  • Comes with an ability to protect from glass and other materials


  • These are not suitable for safety from electrical hazard

Nike Men’s Revolution 4

Another hot favorite choice as the  Nike non slip shoes means is the Nike Men’s Revolution 4 Running shoe. These shoes come with molded pods that provide a multi-surface traction. This means that the impact will be reduced and then it will help you in springing back at toe-off making your feet responsive effortlessly.

Nike Men’s Revolution 4 has soft foam midsoles that can deliver lightweight, responsive cushioning. The toe tip allows an improved structure for a comfortable ride. Minimal design allows these running shoes to be suitable for work.

There is an added rubber outsole that helps in allowing a durable traction and cushioning for more stamina.


  • single-layer mesh for breathability
  • Responsive foam under the foot
  • Minimal design


Men’s Nike Revolution 4 Running Shoe is one of the best Nike nonslip shoes men’s kind.


  • No-sew overlays on the midfoot
  • Eyestays provide durability while keeping the shoe lightweight
  • Single-layer mesh upper for optimal breathability.


  • Not a waterproof choice

NIKE Women’s Tanjun Running Shoes

The Nike Tanjun is a sporty sneaker. These give you an active movement and the freedom to be yourself throughout the day. The shoes come with a simple and stylish design.

There are limited choices for women that are fancy enough, yet suitable and enduring enough for work. The shoes contain a knit fabric that can conform to your foot for a snug feeling. It has a soft fabric lining, and a thick synthetic outsole.

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The Nike Tanjun is the only shoe that gives you a good look in the comfort of an ugly orthopedic shoes. It can help in reducing the pain at the end of the day. You will enjoy a simple foot to foam construction and a lightweight on your feet with these.


  • comfortable mesh upper
  • padded collar and tongue
  • Made of synthetic soles and leather tops


You can feel like there is a reduction in your overall weight. If you work in the restaurant business then these shoes can be ideal for your needs.


  • This is highly recommended for 8-hour shifts that require you to stand.
  • Comes in more than 30 colors
  • Lightweight body


  • Does not come with a velcro top option
Nike Non Slip Shoes Mens: Nike Men’s Flex Control TR3

The Nike Men’s Flex Control TR3 Sneakers are a clean choice, it will resist bacterial build-up and the mesh will not tear or fall off. The shoe has an elevated upper by subtle design details that are iconic. These help in providing extra grip and adjustable comfort throughout the day.

You can use this option to move freely throughout the day all over your workplace. It saves you from the embarrassment or damages of falling and slipping. The shoes have a mesh upper that also enhances breathability.

The Nike Men’s Flex Control TR3 Sneakers are created for men who want a lightweight, abrasion-resistant pair of shoe that is suitable for all conditions such as rain or shine.

The men’s shoes feature deep flex grooves that allow you to move your feet naturally.


  • traditional tongue
  • partial bootie
  • slip on and off comfort.


Nike Men’s Flex Control TR3 Sneakers allow you a great deal of side-to-side stability along with an ankle mobility with multidirectional activity. These are thus one of the best Nike nonslip shoes men’s choice.


  • Deep flex grooves
  • Slip-on and off comfort
  • Allows superior movement and traction


  • Not suitable for rocky areas


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