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How To Sew Ribbons On Pointe Shoes?

How To Sew Ribbons On Pointe Shoes
How To Sew Ribbons On Pointe Shoes

Ballet is an art but pointe shoes are the artist, right? Swinging around on toes while spreading charisma with each movement. Ballet is a truly enchanting experience. Similarly, to roll out perfectly, one needs pointe shoes and you have already bought the perfect pair. But to ensure perfect fit and dance, you need to sew ribbons on the shoes.

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Sewing ribbons on pointe shoes can be complicated and time-consuming the first time. Above all, you will need to do many times if you hope to carry on with ballet. In this article, you will learn how to sew ribbons on pointe shoes and additional tips, as well. So, let’s start with the instructions and then, the practice!

How To Sew Ribbons On Demi Pointe Shoes

What Do You Need?

Before starting sewing ribbons on pointe shoes, make sure you have the following things at the desk!

  • Fine needle
  • Pencil     
  • Length of ribbon
  • Pale thread
  • And of course, the pair of pointe shoes

The Step-by-step Guide

In this section, you will learn how to sew ribbons on pointe shoes. So, get those shoes and let’s start sewing!

  • Cut the 2.5-meter length of ribbon in half
  • Cut the halves into halves again which means you need four equal pieces
  • Seal the ribbon’s ends to prevent tattering of thread. You can seal the ends by putting them on low flame for a few seconds. This will turn the ends black which is the seal. However, you can use clear nail paint to seal the ends as well
  • Now, fold the shoe’s heel forwardly in the shoe. Start folding from the end of insoles
  • Mark the point where heel reaches. This is where you will place the ribbon
  • Put the ribbon inside the shoes. At the lip of the shoe, you need to have one inch of free ribbon
  • Make sure the ribbon is lying flat to the ankle area. Use pins to keep the ribbon in place
  • On the verticals and horizontals, use the blanket stitch and running switch, respectively
  • Put on the ribbon on each side of the shoe and secure it with the knot
  • Sew the ribbons with inner lining
  • Tada! You are ready to hit the dance floor with your new ballet shoes!

How To Sew Ribbons And Elastic On Pointe Shoes

What Do You Need?

  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Ribbons
  • Pads or stockings
  • Scissors
  • Elastic bands
  • Pair of pointe shoes

The Step-by-step Guide

Once you have all the supplies, sit down and start sewing ribbons and elastic on your pointe shoes. Let’s start!

  • Put on the stockings and pads
  • Create the point where your feet’s arch is higher
  • Put on the pointe shoes
  • Pull down the fabric and mark the high arch point on inner and outer sides both
  • Sew the ribbons on the marked side on the inner side (the cotton one)
  • Now, sew the other end to the other side
  • Now, measure elastic around the ankle. Make sure the measurement is firm
  • Cut down the elastic band and sew at the back of the shoe
  • Thread up the ribbons in the loop
  • Wear the shoe through the loop
  • Tie up the ribbons and make a double knot
  • If you are too aesthetic,  hide the knot with ribbon
  • All done!
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How To Sew Ribbons On Pointe Shoes Bloch

There are different types of pointe shoes in the market. In this section, we are talking about the Bloch pointe shoe. Now, you need to attach the elastic bands and ribbons. The majority of dancers prefer sewing on their own. This is because they ensure a perfect fit according to the feet. Consequently, the stitching is pretty easy.

To sew the Bloch pointe shoes, you can use the stretch kit. There is ribbon, thread, needles, and elastic in the kit. Once you have everything, follow the steps in the bullet below;

  • Make four equal pieces of ribbon and two pieces of elastic
  • Seal the ribbon’s end by folding or putting the clear nail polish
  • Put the ribbon in the middle of the shoe according to your feet
  • Sew the ribbon on the inner side with whipstitch
  • Secure everything with knots and loops
  • Pull the thread through the loop
  • Cut down the extra thread
  • Use the same steps for sewing other three ribbon pieces
  • Now, take the elastic pieces and put them one inch away from the heel seam
  • Sew down a box on the perimeter in the internal side
  • And done!

It is better to create a criss-cross arrangement of elastic. This will provide support to high arch and narrow heels. Also, try to use thicker thread for sewing the elastic and ribbon pieces. Furthermore, you can use dental floss for perfectly sturdy stitching.  

How To Sew Elastic Ribbons On Pointe Shoes – The Essential Tips

  • Ask expert advice from your ballet teacher while sewing
  • Use thread from the stitching kits
  • Fold the ribbon’s end before stitching to ensure sturdy sewing

What Color Shoes With Gray Pants?

What Color Shoes With Gray Pants
What Color Shoes With Gray Pants

With spring and summer approaching in most of the world, people are looking for wardrobe staples. So, while choosing the staples, light grey makes a pretty versatile choice. Be it summery linen, cotton, or dressy wool, grey trousers are an essential part of every wardrobe. These pants are easy to pair with different colors of shoes. But still, “what color shoes to wear with gray pants” is the most asked question.

Grey is a pretty versatile color, and you can conquer the world with grey pants and right matching shoes. These pants are perfect for summer and spring. Similarly, grey jeans make a good choice during the winter and autumn months. Above all, choosing what color shoes go with gray pants stays an important decision. With this article, we are solving that issue!

What Color Shoes With Light Gray Pants – Our Best Shoe Matches 

In this section, we are adding different colors that are perfect for your grey pants. So, have a look!


Probably the most elegant yet simple choice, black shoes settle with grey pants perfectly. When you think about fabrication, black makes an integral option. This color combination is perfect for a warm day to pose a sharp and powerful look!


First of all, you need to understand what a burgundy color is. So, burgundy is a reddish-brown shade that pairs aptly with light grey pants. Furthermore, you can find the bluish undertone in the shoes. The reddish tones of shoes will strike with grey hues of pants. In the end, you will look straight out of a modeling show!

Light Brown

What color dress shoes with gray pants is the million-dollar question these days. So, you can pair light brown shoes with grey pants, which will make you look all handsome and quirky. Above all, this combination looks professional and can be worn in warmer months. 


Most noteworthy, navy shoes are pretty rare, but if you get to find a pair, it will look at a match made in heaven with grey pants. Furthermore, this look is perfect for everyday office look and meetings. In contrast, if you are wearing casual trousers, you can opt for a navy driver. Well, now is the time to break the stereotype of only using black and brown shoes. 


No combination can settle as perfectly as this one as it creates a very wonderful. So, the mystery of what color shoes with gray pants is solved with this combination. Furthermore, this color combination is suitable for after-work times when you are hitting the club or a weekend hangout. Also, it can be worn for a coffee or brunch date to impress the woman of your dreams. 


When you are wearing white shoes with grey pants, believe us, nothing can go wrong. White shoes go with a light grey suit. Well, you will be able to collect hundreds of compliments. Another thing is that you can wear a dark blue shirt with a grey suit and pair up everything with white shoes. 

How to clean shoe soles? (Detailed Explanation!)

How to clean shoe soles
How to clean shoe soles

If you are looking for how to clean shoe soles? Then stay tuned with us we will explain the solution for this problem. If you are someone who loves to keep everything prim and proper then why not extend the same courtesy to your shoes? Keeping them clean and neat is also a great way to increasing your favorite sneaker’s shelf life and maintain their shine.

Today we are going to look into the specifics of how to clean shoe soles? especially since this is the area that is in most contact with all sorts of contaminants and germs from the pavement, roads, and dirt.

The first step is to evaluate how dirty the soles actually are. This can be done by lightly beating them together to loosen up larger clumps of residue and dirt or mud. This way it will not only be easier to remove the dust and dirt in later steps but you will be able to remove whatever has been caked on overtime.

Next up, the most obvious step is to of course to get in a little deeper and get to those really dried up bits and pieces that need a little bit more persuasion to be removed. This is where you need a sharp tool of some kind like a hard piece of plastic maybe even a plastic knife to clean shoe soles easily. This is when you should get in deep within the many crevices and holes at the bottom of your shoes.

How to clean shoe soles
How to clean shoe soles

Next up, you can take two paths for how to clean soles of your leather boots. The first one is just to fill up a bowl with lukewarm water and dish soap or detergent and soak your shoes in for at least 15 minutes. The other is a more hands-on approach as all you have to do is get a toothbrush or a good scrubbing brush and use hot water and dish soap to scrub all the dust and mud off your shoes. This will take more energy but will be quite effective.

The last step is, of course, to wash the solution off once the shoes are clean and simply let them dry!

How to Clean White Soles of Boots?

Now, one popular query we hear a lot is regarding the soles of white shoes and this is important because white shoes are prone to getting dirtier quicker. All you need to do is add some baking soda and toothpaste to the stained areas and after about 10 minutes add in a water-based cleaner and scrub with some lukewarm water.

Cleaning Rubber Soles on Shoes

In previous paragraph you entertained how to clean your shoe soles with easy methods, stay tuned for cleaning rubber soles on your boots. Shoes with rubber soles need a little more care if they are to last longer and since they are a little pricier it does well to take that extra care. However, it is pretty easy to remedy a stained rubber sole as all you need is to add equal parts washing detergent and baking soda to the areas and rub it in a circular motion with some lukewarm water. This should remove all the stains. Then with a damp cloth remove all the solution and you will be left with a clean rubber sole.

How to fix scuffed leather shoes? (The Ideal Way)

how to fix scuffed leather shoes
how to fix scuffed leather shoes

There is no denying that one of the worst wardrobe malfunctions that can happen to anyone is when something happens to their shoes, especially if they’re the fancy leather kind. Yep, you know what we’re talking about. Leather is prone to the most unappealing scuff marks and tears that will practically make them useless. To avoid this, we have a great guide on how to fix your scuffed leather shoes today.

Before we start off, let’s understand what we’re fighting today. A scuff is basically the formation of abrasion to the leather much like any cut or peeling of your own skin. Now while your skin may heal and recover, leather scuffs just will not automatically fix themselves.

So, how to fix scuffed leather shoes? Let’s discuss in details.

 However, the method that you will use depends largely on the intensity of the scuff. So if for example, your shoes are only slightly scuffed, we suggest a slightly more laidback and less invasive method. These may include using petroleum jelly to fill up the crevice, using a hairdryer or even applying some white vinegar to the scuffed area.

Alternatively if you have far more serious scuffs and abrasions, the best bet is a more professional approach and this might mean buying a leather repair kit although if your shoes are that far off, it’s better to just take them to a professional. If however, you feel like they can be salvaged, a recoloring marker or some leather glue is your best bet.

How to fix scuffed leather shoes

How to fix scuffed brown leather shoes?

Now, another serious query we get is how to fix scuffed brown leather shoes. Now, this may not seem like much of a difference but the color does indeed change things. First, analyze the extent of the damage as always then fill it in with some wax polish of the right shade and color.

This is when you need a fine bristled brush to give the waxed area a good buff; this allows the polish to get deep within the crevices so that it fills up the gaps and makes your shoes good as new. If by the end, your wax isn’t colored then after the job is done fill in with a recoloring marker. You might want to add in more than one layer of wax polish one after the other to make it long-lasting.

How to Clean scuffed faux leather shoes?

No when it comes to fixing scuffed faux leather shoes, the game changes a little but only in the sense that you now need a little distilled white vinegar and this needs to be applied to any scuffed areas just to treat it before the actual process starts.

The main task here is to buff the wax-based polish into the faux scuffed leather really well. So once you do it, it needs to be dried and then done all over again to build successive layers. A light dab of acrylic color will fix the color difference.

Another excellent way is to use modge podge glue. Apply and allow it to dry. This is a durable material and can be buffed out as well with sandpaper.

Fixing Scuffed Patent Leather Shoes

When looking after scuffed patent leather shoes you should make sure that there is no dirt, debris or mud on the shoes. If there is any dried up dirt, simply wipe clean with a damp and lukewarm cloth.

Then using some shoe cream and a soft microfiber cloth buff your shoes well in a circular motion. This should essentially be enough to get rid of any of the more evident scuff marks. However, if that isn’t enough to get the job done, there is another way.

The trick is basically to use a layer of nail polish remover. Yep, that’s right; nail polish remover is a pretty good fix all as it can completely get rid of scuff marks. However, be sure to remember that this is a fixer-upper that will only last for a while and you might want to see a professional for more serious scuffing.

Cleaning Scuffed Leather Dress Shoes

If you want to know how to fix scuffed leather dress shoes, you’ll be glad to know that your expensive dress shoes can still be salvaged with the aid of good old petroleum jelly and an uncolored one like Vaseline is preferred. Of course, this is only applicable to super light scuff marks on your leather dress shoes.

What you have to do is buff the jelly onto the areas affected in slow circular motions and once it is all over, simply waits 10 to 15 minutes and wipe it off.

If you want to set this in simply blow over with a hairdryer on moderate settings. This will fix the affected area.

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