How to clean shoe soles? (Detailed Explanation!)

If you are looking for how to clean shoe soles? Then stay tuned with us we will explain the solution for this problem. If you are someone who loves to keep everything prim and proper then why not extend the same courtesy to your shoes? Keeping them clean and neat is also a great way to increasing your favorite sneaker’s shelf life and maintain their shine.

Today we are going to look into the specifics of how to clean shoe soles? especially since this is the area that is in most contact with all sorts of contaminants and germs from the pavement, roads, and dirt.

The first step is to evaluate how dirty the soles actually are. This can be done by lightly beating them together to loosen up larger clumps of residue and dirt or mud. This way it will not only be easier to remove the dust and dirt in later steps but you will be able to remove whatever has been caked on overtime.

Next up, the most obvious step is to of course to get in a little deeper and get to those really dried up bits and pieces that need a little bit more persuasion to be removed. This is where you need a sharp tool of some kind like a hard piece of plastic maybe even a plastic knife to clean shoe soles easily. This is when you should get in deep within the many crevices and holes at the bottom of your shoes.

How to clean shoe soles

How to clean shoe soles

Next up, you can take two paths for how to clean soles of your leather boots. The first one is just to fill up a bowl with lukewarm water and dish soap or detergent and soak your shoes in for at least 15 minutes. The other is a more hands-on approach as all you have to do is get a toothbrush or a good scrubbing brush and use hot water and dish soap to scrub all the dust and mud off your shoes. This will take more energy but will be quite effective.

The last step is, of course, to wash the solution off once the shoes are clean and simply let them dry!

How to Clean White Soles of Boots?

Now, one popular query we hear a lot is regarding the soles of white shoes and this is important because white shoes are prone to getting dirtier quicker. All you need to do is add some baking soda and toothpaste to the stained areas and after about 10 minutes add in a water-based cleaner and scrub with some lukewarm water.

Cleaning Rubber Soles on Shoes

In previous paragraph you entertained how to clean your shoe soles with easy methods, stay tuned for cleaning rubber soles on your boots. Shoes with rubber soles need a little more care if they are to last longer and since they are a little pricier it does well to take that extra care. However, it is pretty easy to remedy a stained rubber sole as all you need is to add equal parts washing detergent and baking soda to the areas and rub it in a circular motion with some lukewarm water. This should remove all the stains. Then with a damp cloth remove all the solution and you will be left with a clean rubber sole.

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