How To Dry Shoes Quickly?

Be it the splash of muddy water or ponding over in the rain, shoes are the ultimate victim. They become a victim because they are soaked with water. So, when you walk around, it makes squishy sounds and gives a nasty feeling. Well, such drenching shoes aren’t going to get dry overnight. But wait, you had an important event to attend, and these shoes matched the outfit? Above all, it’s no problem at all!

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In this article, we have some tips which will help you dry your shoes quickly. Also, you can easily head out without worrying about the squishiness of the shoes. So, let’s start!

Use Those Old Newspaper Piece

First of all, everyone has a cupboard filled with the old newspaper in the house. Well, who knew that you could dry your shoes quickly even if they are drenched with water? So, to dry up the boots with old newspaper, follow the steps given below;

  • Take a big sheet of newspaper 
  • Spread it over the floor 
  • Put the wet shoe in the middle
  • Wrap the shoe with newspaper (don’t forget to add newspaper to inside)
  • Keep this layer on 20 to 30 minutes
  • Now, change the layer 
  • Keep some newspaper stuffed inside the shoe 
  • Repeat the process three times
  • At last, wrap another layer and leave it overnight 

So, rise and shine because your once wet shoes will be all dry in the morning! 

Additional Tips for Drying Your Shoes 

Do you know what the worst feeling is? When you are having wet running shoes, sometimes, using the old newspaper doesn’t work given drenched water in the shoes. Consequently, shoes have a nappy in them. These can absorb water so quickly, and you cannot even stop it.

Similarly, using the nappy material will absorb water quickly. Furthermore, it will dry up your shoes within a few hours. Well, this means that you don’t have to miss your jogging session only because your shoes are wet.  

Skiers and snowboarders regularly face the issue of having wet shows. This means techniques such as newspapers and nappies would be hard for them to utilize. In this case, heaters, stoves, or a fireplace play an integral role.  Above all, make sure shoes are at a safe distance from these things. Furthermore, put the shoes parallel from the heat source. This helps avoid them from bad odor and would quickly dry the shoes. 

Taking Care of Leather Shoes

No doubt leather shoes are more expensive than normal shoes and must be taken care of properly. Leather shoes are always delicate. These shoes cannot be exposed to direct heat like stoves or a fireplace. This is because leather can shrink the shoe while fading the natural color. In contrast, leather shoes can be dried quickly by using a shoe dyer. These are readily available online for a reasonable price. The best part is that they can dry the shoes within a few hours.

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Clean Them Up 

To maintain the shoes quality, we should not forget that It is essential to clean the shoes before setting them to dry. If you don’t clean it, the mud or sand will penetrate in the shoes. So, use a scrub brush and a little to clean the shoes. This little hack will clean your shoes as they are new. Likewise, cleaning your shoes prevents grime from entering into your cycle chains and buckles. Well, the grimes can affect the cycle’s working and durability. Therefore, you must clean them and dry them quickly. 

We hope you now have many ideas to clean dry your shoes quickly and without much effort.

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