How to fix scuffed leather shoes? (The Ideal Way)

There is no denying that one of the worst wardrobe malfunctions that can happen to anyone is when something happens to their shoes, especially if they’re the fancy leather kind. Yep, you know what we’re talking about. Leather is prone to the most unappealing scuff marks and tears that will practically make them useless. To avoid this, we have a great guide on how to fix your scuffed leather shoes today.

Before we start off, let’s understand what we’re fighting today. A scuff is basically the formation of abrasion to the leather much like any cut or peeling of your own skin. Now while your skin may heal and recover, leather scuffs just will not automatically fix themselves.

So, how to fix scuffed leather shoes? Let’s discuss in details.

 However, the method that you will use depends largely on the intensity of the scuff. So if for example, your shoes are only slightly scuffed, we suggest a slightly more laidback and less invasive method. These may include using petroleum jelly to fill up the crevice, using a hairdryer or even applying some white vinegar to the scuffed area.

Alternatively if you have far more serious scuffs and abrasions, the best bet is a more professional approach and this might mean buying a leather repair kit although if your shoes are that far off, it’s better to just take them to a professional. If however, you feel like they can be salvaged, a recoloring marker or some leather glue is your best bet.

How to fix scuffed leather shoes

How to fix scuffed brown leather shoes?

Now, another serious query we get is how to fix scuffed brown leather shoes. Now, this may not seem like much of a difference but the color does indeed change things. First, analyze the extent of the damage as always then fill it in with some wax polish of the right shade and color.

This is when you need a fine bristled brush to give the waxed area a good buff; this allows the polish to get deep within the crevices so that it fills up the gaps and makes your shoes good as new. If by the end, your wax isn’t colored then after the job is done fill in with a recoloring marker. You might want to add in more than one layer of wax polish one after the other to make it long-lasting.

How to Clean scuffed faux leather shoes?

No when it comes to fixing scuffed faux leather shoes, the game changes a little but only in the sense that you now need a little distilled white vinegar and this needs to be applied to any scuffed areas just to treat it before the actual process starts.

The main task here is to buff the wax-based polish into the faux scuffed leather really well. So once you do it, it needs to be dried and then done all over again to build successive layers best shoes for walking on cobblestones. A light dab of acrylic color will fix the color difference.

Another excellent way is to use modge podge glue. Apply and allow it to dry. This is a durable material and can be buffed out as well with sandpaper.

Fixing Scuffed Patent Leather Shoes

When looking after scuffed patent leather shoes you should make sure that there is no dirt, debris or mud on the shoes. If there is any dried up dirt, simply wipe clean with a damp and lukewarm cloth.

Then using some shoe cream and a soft microfiber cloth buff your shoes well in a circular motion. This should essentially be enough to get rid of any of the more evident scuff marks. However, if that isn’t enough to get the job done, there is another way.

The trick is basically to use a layer of nail polish remover. Yep, that’s right; nail polish remover is a pretty good fix all as it can completely get rid of scuff marks. However, be sure to remember that this is a fixer-upper that will only last for a while and you might want to see a professional for more serious scuffing.

Cleaning Scuffed Leather Dress Shoes

If you want to know how to fix scuffed leather dress shoes, you’ll be glad to know that your expensive dress shoes can still be salvaged with the aid of good old petroleum jelly and an uncolored one like Vaseline is preferred. Of course, this is only applicable to super light scuff marks on your leather dress shoes.

What you have to do is buff the jelly onto the areas affected in slow circular motions and once it is all over, simply waits 10 to 15 minutes and wipe it off.

If you want to set this in simply blow over with a hairdryer on moderate settings. This will fix the affected area.

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