How To Sew Ribbons On Pointe Shoes?

Ballet is an art but pointe shoes are the artist, right? Swinging around on toes while spreading charisma with each movement. Ballet is a truly enchanting experience. Similarly, to roll out perfectly, one needs pointe shoes and you have already bought the perfect pair. But to ensure perfect fit and dance, you need to sew ribbons on the shoes.

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Sewing ribbons on pointe shoes can be complicated and time-consuming the first time. Above all, you will need to do many times if you hope to carry on with ballet. In this article, you will learn how to sew ribbons on pointe shoes and additional tips, as well. So, let’s start with the instructions and then, the practice!

How To Sew Ribbons On Demi Pointe Shoes

What Do You Need?

Before starting sewing ribbons on pointe shoes, make sure you have the following things at the desk!

  • Fine needle
  • Pencil     
  • Length of ribbon
  • Pale thread
  • And of course, the pair of pointe shoes

The Step-by-step Guide

In this section, you will learn how to sew ribbons on pointe shoes. So, get those shoes and let’s start sewing!

  • Cut the 2.5-meter length of ribbon in half
  • Cut the halves into halves again which means you need four equal pieces
  • Seal the ribbon’s ends to prevent tattering of thread. You can seal the ends by putting them on low flame for a few seconds. This will turn the ends black which is the seal. However, you can use clear nail paint to seal the ends as well
  • Now, fold the shoe’s heel forwardly in the shoe. Start folding from the end of insoles
  • Mark the point where heel reaches. This is where you will place the ribbon
  • Put the ribbon inside the shoes. At the lip of the shoe, you need to have one inch of free ribbon
  • Make sure the ribbon is lying flat to the ankle area. Use pins to keep the ribbon in place
  • On the verticals and horizontals, use the blanket stitch and running switch, respectively
  • Put on the ribbon on each side of the shoe and secure it with the knot
  • Sew the ribbons with inner lining
  • Tada! You are ready to hit the dance floor with your new ballet shoes!

How To Sew Ribbons And Elastic On Pointe Shoes

What Do You Need?

  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Ribbons
  • Pads or stockings
  • Scissors
  • Elastic bands
  • Pair of pointe shoes

The Step-by-step Guide

Once you have all the supplies, sit down and start sewing ribbons and elastic on your pointe shoes. Let’s start!

  • Put on the stockings and pads
  • Create the point where your feet’s arch is higher
  • Put on the pointe shoes
  • Pull down the fabric and mark the high arch point on inner and outer sides both
  • Sew the ribbons on the marked side on the inner side (the cotton one)
  • Now, sew the other end to the other side
  • Now, measure elastic around the ankle. Make sure the measurement is firm
  • Cut down the elastic band and sew at the back of the shoe
  • Thread up the ribbons in the loop
  • Wear the shoe through the loop
  • Tie up the ribbons and make a double knot
  • If you are too aesthetic,  hide the knot with ribbon
  • All done!
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How To Sew Ribbons On Pointe Shoes Bloch

There are different types of pointe shoes in the market. In this section, we are talking about the Bloch pointe shoe. Now, you need to attach the elastic bands and ribbons. The majority of dancers prefer sewing on their own. This is because they ensure a perfect fit according to the feet. Consequently, the stitching is pretty easy.

To sew the Bloch pointe shoes, you can use the stretch kit. There is ribbon, thread, needles, and elastic in the kit. Once you have everything, follow the steps in the bullet below;

  • Make four equal pieces of ribbon and two pieces of elastic
  • Seal the ribbon’s end by folding or putting the clear nail polish
  • Put the ribbon in the middle of the shoe according to your feet
  • Sew the ribbon on the inner side with whipstitch
  • Secure everything with knots and loops
  • Pull the thread through the loop
  • Cut down the extra thread
  • Use the same steps for sewing other three ribbon pieces
  • Now, take the elastic pieces and put them one inch away from the heel seam
  • Sew down a box on the perimeter in the internal side
  • And done!

It is better to create a criss-cross arrangement of elastic. This will provide support to high arch and narrow heels. Also, try to use thicker thread for sewing the elastic and ribbon pieces. Furthermore, you can use dental floss for perfectly sturdy stitching.  

How To Sew Elastic Ribbons On Pointe Shoes – The Essential Tips

  • Ask expert advice from your ballet teacher while sewing
  • Use thread from the stitching kits
  • Fold the ribbon’s end before stitching to ensure sturdy sewing

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