What Color Shoes With Gray Pants?

With spring and summer approaching in most of the world, people are looking for wardrobe staples. So, while choosing the staples, light grey makes a pretty versatile choice. Be it summery linen, cotton, or dressy wool, grey trousers are an essential part of every wardrobe. These pants are easy to pair with different colors of shoes. But still, “what color shoes to wear with gray pants” is the most asked question.

Grey is a pretty versatile color, and you can conquer the world with grey pants and right matching shoes. These pants are perfect for summer and spring. Similarly, grey jeans make a good choice during the winter and autumn months. Above all, choosing what color shoes go with gray pants stays an important decision. With this article, we are solving that issue!

What Color Shoes With Light Gray Pants – Our Best Shoe Matches 

In this section, we are adding different colors that are perfect for your grey pants. So, have a look!


Probably the most elegant yet simple choice, black shoes settle with grey pants perfectly. When you think about fabrication, black makes an integral option. This color combination is perfect for a warm day to pose a sharp and powerful look!


First of all, you need to understand what a burgundy color is. So, burgundy is a reddish-brown shade that pairs aptly with light grey pants. Furthermore, you can find the bluish undertone in the shoes. The reddish tones of shoes will strike with grey hues of pants. In the end, you will look straight out of a modeling show!

Light Brown

What color dress shoes with gray pants is the million-dollar question these days. So, you can pair light brown shoes with grey pants, which will make you look all handsome and quirky. Above all, this combination looks professional and can be worn in warmer months. 


Most noteworthy, navy shoes are pretty rare, but if you get to find a pair, it will look at a match made in heaven with grey pants. Furthermore, this look is perfect for everyday office look and meetings. In contrast, if you are wearing casual trousers, you can opt for a navy driver. Well, now is the time to break the stereotype of only using black and brown shoes. 


No combination can settle as perfectly as this one as it creates a very wonderful. So, the mystery of what color shoes with gray pants is solved with this combination. Furthermore, this color combination is suitable for after-work times when you are hitting the club or a weekend hangout. Also, it can be worn for a coffee or brunch date to impress the woman of your dreams. 


When you are wearing white shoes with grey pants, believe us, nothing can go wrong. White shoes go with a light grey suit. Well, you will be able to collect hundreds of compliments. Another thing is that you can wear a dark blue shirt with a grey suit and pair up everything with white shoes. 

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